Most people get themselves into a style rut at some point in their life, maybe they had a baby and had to wear whatever they could find that was clean in their sleep deprived haze, preferably something black so that if it got stained with pureed sweet potato no-one would notice. Perhaps, like my mother, they had a great time free loving in the 70’s and developed a penchant for ponchos?

There are hundreds of reasons why our style can get lost by life and it’s many events and phases…. But how do we find our style if it did get lost in our breast milk or in a field somewhere in the 70’s?

The best way to start to find and define your style is to look for some visual inspiration. Start a pinterest/mood board, pin anything you like, anything that inspires you and gets you excited for the coming season.

Once you have a few pinterest/mood boards, analyse them and use them to work out any common themes, this will provide you with your basic style personality – your uniform. Perhaps you have a creative personality and you like maxi dresses mixed with different sandals and statement necklaces or are you more natural, preferring jogging style trousers and slouchy vests?

Once you have a clear idea of who you are and what you like you are half way there, once you’ve found a look you truly love you can start creating a mix and match capsule wardrobe for endless outfits, making mornings and going out much much easier!

If you still need a helping hand to get started why not take the StyleBox questionnaire to find out if you are creative, dramatic, natural, classic or romantic? get in touch here.

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