This morning my normal alarm clock (my daughters) didn’t go off until later than expected so I was rushing to do everything and not be late for the school run. I had to have a shower and get dressed, make 2 pack lunches, cajole my kids into getting dressed and brushing their teeth, and I only had 45 minutes.

By the time I’d sorted my daughters out drunk a coffee and had a couple of bites of toast I had 15 minutes to shower and get dressed before being late for school and work. This is a very familiar tale for millions of mums all over the country I’m sure, but there was one difference in my morning compared to many others. When I left the house for school I didn’t look like this was the morning I’d had. Because I had taken some time to think about and organise my wardrobe there was an outfit hanging ready that I knew worked, so I could just grab those clothes and get dressed without this being another thing to stress about.

There is something about leaving the house, knowing you look good that makes you feel composed and calm even if you’ve had the most chaotic and stressful of mornings.

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