Colour & body shape analysis

This session is all about discovering which colours really flatter your unique skin tone and colourings.  You will leave the session with a personal wallet of colours to keep in your handbag and use when you go shopping.

I will also identify your body shape and show you my portfolio of different styles of dresses, trousers and tops you should choose to enhance your figure.  You will leave with an information booklet summarising everything i’ve shown you.  Armed with this information shopping will become much easier and more enjoyable!

Price: 4 Season Colour Analysis £70, 12 season colour analysis £100

Wardrobe Edit

This session will help you to see what works in your wardrobe and what doesn’t, we will get rid of the items that are worn out, no longer fit, and anything that is the wrong shape or colour for you. I will then show you how to mix and match what is left to create endless outfits for any occasion. After this session you will be able to easily choose outfits each morning and will have identified what you need to go and buy to make your wardrobe complete.

Price £50 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Personal Shopping

Your personal shopping session with StyleBox will begin with you getting to know me and me getting to know you, once i have an idea of who you are and what you need, we will go shopping together.  I will choose outfits and accessories tailored to your unique lifestyle in advance, to save time and energy so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Price: £50 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Online personal styling

These online personal styling sessions take place over email, Skype or phone. The sessions are totally flexible to your needs, maybe you are looking for a specific outfit for a wedding/40th? or do you want to buy some key items to update your existing wardrobe? After i have gathered some information about you i will send you 3 outfits that i think will suit your colourings and body shape.

This package comes with one months worth of email/phone/skype support.


Gift Voucher

Style box can provide a gift voucher for any of the services we offer, starting from £50 what’s there to think about? Why not treat your mum/sister/friend to an amazing experience, she will learn how to dress for her body shape and wear colour with confidence, vouchers can be tailored to your exact needs, contact us here for more information.